How to Create a Premium Snapchat for Nude Art

A lot of people join Snapchat every day. It is a very attractive social app through which not only you can connect with others, but also make some money. According to Porn Inquirer, One of the reasons why number of Snapchat users is rapidly growing in the recent years is because of the Premium Snapchat. Premium Snapchat is not a separate app from Snapchat, but it is an option within the application through which you can sell nude art and earn money from it. It sounds very easy in theory, but earning money online requires plenty of hard work and strong commitment.

Creating Premium Snapchat

            In order to use a Premium Snapchat all you need to do is create a regular Snapchat account. Opening an account is easy, you just need to be over 18, choose your username and password and that`s it. Premium Snapchat is subscription-based option through which you can sell your nude art in exchange for a fee that is set by you. You are free to choose how much will you charge for your nude art, but common sense is to charge an affordable fee in order to attract more subscribers. After you slowly …

What is OnlyFans and Why Artists Should Use It

OnlyFans is an increasingly popular membership-based social platform. It is an app where fans pay to see adult stars perform for a certain fee, while those that provide content can do so by selling monthly membership packages to their followers. Any person is free to sign up to OnlyFans app, and there is no restriction to what type of content you can post. It is not exclusive to adult entertainment workers, pornstars and webcam girls, although those are most commonly found on the app. There are also fair share of fitness trainers, dieticians, personal coaches, vloggers and others. You are free to produce any type of personal content and can even upload tutorials, step-by-step tips, selfies, and just about anything that comes up your mind.

Earning and Subscribing at

            You can choose whether you use OnlyFans as earner or subscriber. In order to earn money at the app you need to add bank account to the app and then start uploading your content. You are free to choose how much you will charge the subscribers. The lowest amount you can charge is $5 dollars per month and there is no upper limit. A thing you should know is …