Best Ballad Singers You Should Be Listening To

There is no denying that the genre of ballad music is popular. We have seen a ton of new ballad singers emerge over the last decade, and each year more and more people are falling in love with their voices.  Many of these singers have become mainstream acts like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Jason Derulo, and more.  These stars are the new generation of ballad singers, and it is time we start taking them seriously as well.  Below are the best ballad singers you should be listening to right now.

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• Journey

The Journey is a band that is not new to the music scene, but they are well-known for creating songs that are forever embedded in the hearts of their fans. The band is also known for its uniqueness. They have an alternative sound that is an excellent combination of rock, pop, and R&B. They are also known for their versatility. They have different styles in their music, making them one of the most versatile bands in the music industry.

• Céline Dion

Céline Dion’s voice is one of the most recognizable female voices in music. It’s high, powerfully sung, and unmistakably French. But beyond her well-known signature sound are lots of lesser-known secrets of Céline’s singing technique that have helped her maintain her lead in the music industry for years.  

• Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and television personality. She began her career as a child, singing in local clubs and traveling with her mother at Disneyland. As an adult, she has released five albums, four of which have been certified platinum or higher by the RIAA.

• Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a very talented singer and songwriter. She has a unique voice that can be best described as a soft country and pop mixture. Her voice is strong and hits all the right notes. Her voice has also matured over the years but still maintains her youthful sound. The pop star has always been able to adapt her sound and music to suit her times. Swift has also been able to keep up with the trends and has always managed to produce new music that her fans love.

There are many great ballad singers out there, but not many of them are much younger than their fans. These singers have been singing for years and have a lot of experience that they can share with their fans. They have seen a lot of changes in the industry and have met a lot of different people that have influenced them. They have a lot to say and a lot to offer.…

Best Online Games to Learn Music

There are many ways to help your kids improve their creativity. Letting them engage in activities like online music games is helpful. 

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Common Sense Media 

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PBS Kids 

Another online game to learn music is PBS Kids. Currently, it has more than 50 music-related games developed to help children have fun learning music. PBS Kids allows kids to master a range of instrument sounds and lyrics of their favorite PBS shows. Children also have the option to pick the genres they want. These include jazz, country, rock, classical, salsa, reggae, and more. 

Tonic Tutor 

If you have used PBS Kids but are a bit unsatisfied with its service, Tonic Tutor is perfect. Packed with 40 online music games, Tonic Tutor has a lot of things to offer. Every game is designed with a SMART learning outcome. Children can choose to learn how to read music, play chords, and even recognize melodies. 


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