Best Online Games to Learn Music

There are many ways to help your kids improve their creativity. Letting them engage in activities like online music games is helpful. 

Before, it was hard to teach children to learn music. But things are different today. In fact, there are tons of music-teaching games you can find online.

With a lot of options, it would be complicated to make a decision with confidence. In this article, you will a few of the best choices you can take advantage of. Read on for more information! 

Common Sense Media 

Safe? Reliable online resources for children? Your long wait is finally over with Common Sense Media. You can find sing-along music toys, music-based quizzes, piano practice apps, and more. All applications are sorted by age with user star ratings. Therefore, finding the app that suits your kids’ interests and abilities becomes easier more than ever. 

PBS Kids 

Another online game to learn music is PBS Kids. Currently, it has more than 50 music-related games developed to help children have fun learning music. PBS Kids allows kids to master a range of instrument sounds and lyrics of their favorite PBS shows. Children also have the option to pick the genres they want. These include jazz, country, rock, classical, salsa, reggae, and more. 

Tonic Tutor 

If you have used PBS Kids but are a bit unsatisfied with its service, Tonic Tutor is perfect. Packed with 40 online music games, Tonic Tutor has a lot of things to offer. Every game is designed with a SMART learning outcome. Children can choose to learn how to read music, play chords, and even recognize melodies. 


Probably, you have encountered Teoria when searching for an online music game. It’s no surprise as Teoria is a high quality website. Unlike the others, it has child-friendly music theory tutorials, articles, and other references. Ideal for beginner music students and older children, Teoria has many sound components to expect. 

Our Recommendation

Aside from Common Sense Media, PBS Kids, Tonic Tutor, and Teoria, other online music games are And Next Comes L, Sphinx Kids, and MusicLearningCommunity. 

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