Best Ballad Singers You Should Be Listening To

There is no denying that the genre of ballad music is popular. We have seen a ton of new ballad singers emerge over the last decade, and each year more and more people are falling in love with their voices.  Many of these singers have become mainstream acts like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Jason Derulo, and more.  These stars are the new generation of ballad singers, and it is time we start taking them seriously as well.  Below are the best ballad singers you should be listening to right now.

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• Journey

The Journey is a band that is not new to the music scene, but they are well-known for creating songs that are forever embedded in the hearts of their fans. The band is also known for its uniqueness. They have an alternative sound that is an excellent combination of rock, pop, and R&B. They are also known for their versatility. They have different styles in their music, making them one of the most versatile bands in the music industry.

• Céline Dion

Céline Dion’s voice is one of the most recognizable female voices in music. It’s high, powerfully sung, and unmistakably French. But beyond her well-known signature sound are lots of lesser-known secrets of Céline’s singing technique that have helped her maintain her lead in the music industry for years.  

• Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and television personality. She began her career as a child, singing in local clubs and traveling with her mother at Disneyland. As an adult, she has released five albums, four of which have been certified platinum or higher by the RIAA.

• Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a very talented singer and songwriter. She has a unique voice that can be best described as a soft country and pop mixture. Her voice is strong and hits all the right notes. Her voice has also matured over the years but still maintains her youthful sound. The pop star has always been able to adapt her sound and music to suit her times. Swift has also been able to keep up with the trends and has always managed to produce new music that her fans love.

There are many great ballad singers out there, but not many of them are much younger than their fans. These singers have been singing for years and have a lot of experience that they can share with their fans. They have seen a lot of changes in the industry and have met a lot of different people that have influenced them. They have a lot to say and a lot to offer.…

Why Do Older Women Love Younger Musicians?

Aside from teens, older women go crazy when younger musicians perform on a big stage. So, you’re probably wondering why is it so. 

Here are a few reasons why older women fall in love with younger musicians:

Kids at Heart 

It’s true they write serious songs. But that doesn’t mean they will behave like grown-ups every day. Younger musicians engage in sports, play their favorite video games, and listen to types of music to relax. They joke around with guys. Plus, there’s no dull or boring moment. 

They are Focused 

Generally, younger musicians are very focused. This is particularly true when making their music. Concentration runs in their genes. Aside from music, they can apply this unique quality in a relationship, even with an older woman. They said that men fall thru their eyes. On the other hand, women fall in love thru their ears. Younger musicians are an exception. They are more likely to process both visual and auditory cues. 

They Serenade 

While some musicians can easily express their thoughts when sad, others can compose tunes when they are in love. That’s why falling madly in love with a younger musician is not hard. Imagine a musician serenade you. Well, it’s extremely romantic, right? 

They are Hot 

Have you ever watched live concerts online? What did you notice? Do girls go crazy when a band strums guitar? Do they shout louder when musicians only sing the first word of their songs? If yes, it’s normal. Older women find musicians hot and sexy. They are indeed an expert in the art of seduction. Plus, they know how to make ladies faint easily. 

A Good Level of Confidence 

Research shows that ladies search for a man who is confident about himself. In the music industry, artists have a quality of certainty. Since they have experienced performing with others and exposing their feelings to the crowd, it’s no wonder why they catch women’s attention and interests easily. 

My Advice?

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Best Online Games to Learn Music

There are many ways to help your kids improve their creativity. Letting them engage in activities like online music games is helpful. 

Before, it was hard to teach children to learn music. But things are different today. In fact, there are tons of music-teaching games you can find online.

With a lot of options, it would be complicated to make a decision with confidence. In this article, you will a few of the best choices you can take advantage of. Read on for more information! 

Common Sense Media 

Safe? Reliable online resources for children? Your long wait is finally over with Common Sense Media. You can find sing-along music toys, music-based quizzes, piano practice apps, and more. All applications are sorted by age with user star ratings. Therefore, finding the app that suits your kids’ interests and abilities becomes easier more than ever. 

PBS Kids 

Another online game to learn music is PBS Kids. Currently, it has more than 50 music-related games developed to help children have fun learning music. PBS Kids allows kids to master a range of instrument sounds and lyrics of their favorite PBS shows. Children also have the option to pick the genres they want. These include jazz, country, rock, classical, salsa, reggae, and more. 

Tonic Tutor 

If you have used PBS Kids but are a bit unsatisfied with its service, Tonic Tutor is perfect. Packed with 40 online music games, Tonic Tutor has a lot of things to offer. Every game is designed with a SMART learning outcome. Children can choose to learn how to read music, play chords, and even recognize melodies. 


Probably, you have encountered Teoria when searching for an online music game. It’s no surprise as Teoria is a high quality website. Unlike the others, it has child-friendly music theory tutorials, articles, and other references. Ideal for beginner music students and older children, Teoria has many sound components to expect. 

Our Recommendation

Aside from Common Sense Media, PBS Kids, Tonic Tutor, and Teoria, other online music games are And Next Comes L, Sphinx Kids, and MusicLearningCommunity. 

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How to Create a Premium Snapchat for Nude Art

A lot of people join Snapchat every day. It is a very attractive social app through which not only you can connect with others, but also make some money. According to Porn Inquirer, One of the reasons why number of Snapchat users is rapidly growing in the recent years is because of the Premium Snapchat. Premium Snapchat is not a separate app from Snapchat, but it is an option within the application through which you can sell nude art and earn money from it. It sounds very easy in theory, but earning money online requires plenty of hard work and strong commitment.

Creating Premium Snapchat

            In order to use a Premium Snapchat all you need to do is create a regular Snapchat account. Opening an account is easy, you just need to be over 18, choose your username and password and that`s it. Premium Snapchat is subscription-based option through which you can sell your nude art in exchange for a fee that is set by you. You are free to choose how much will you charge for your nude art, but common sense is to charge an affordable fee in order to attract more subscribers. After you slowly build your base of subscribers you can start making better nude art and charge more for what you offer.

Building a Base of Subscribers to Sell Nude Art

            Building strong followership requires time and patience. That does not come overnight, which is why many new Premium Snapchat users quickly withdraw. Selling nude art online does not guarantee making huge amounts of money in short period of time. In fact, making money is very hard to do online and rare are those who make significant amounts. However, you can earn for a decent living if you are committed and persistent in providing quality nude art to the public.

            There are a few good things you can do to increase the number of subscribers to your account. A good idea is to use your other social network accounts to promote yourself. Put a link in each of them that will lead towards your Snapchat account. Give your potential subscribers a glimpse of what they can expect to get if they subscribe to your premium account. Also use blogs, websites and online forums as marketing tools, where you will promote your Premium Snapchat nude art. As mentioned, it may go slowly, but the number of subscribers will grow steadily.

            After you have gained a few subscribers, make sure you keep them coming for more content. Try to make and sell the best nude art possible, because your subscribers will quickly spread word of mouth and that will help you gain more subscribers. With increased income you can then invest in better smartphone and better camera, which will help you make even better nude art. Creating a premium Snapchat to sell nude art is not hard. Attracting subscribers is the harder and more challenging thing, but you can definitely do it if you are persistent. …

What is OnlyFans and Why Artists Should Use It

OnlyFans is an increasingly popular membership-based social platform. It is an app where fans pay to see adult stars perform for a certain fee, while those that provide content can do so by selling monthly membership packages to their followers. Any person is free to sign up to OnlyFans app, and there is no restriction to what type of content you can post. It is not exclusive to adult entertainment workers, pornstars and webcam girls, although those are most commonly found on the app. There are also fair share of fitness trainers, dieticians, personal coaches, vloggers and others. You are free to produce any type of personal content and can even upload tutorials, step-by-step tips, selfies, and just about anything that comes up your mind.

Earning and Subscribing at

            You can choose whether you use OnlyFans as earner or subscriber. In order to earn money at the app you need to add bank account to the app and then start uploading your content. You are free to choose how much you will charge the subscribers. The lowest amount you can charge is $5 dollars per month and there is no upper limit. A thing you should know is that OnlyFans will charge 20% of any amount you charge your subscribers as a fee that covers hosting, payment processing, and other costs which are necessary for the site to operate properly. Good thing about payment processing is that this system is built-in within the app, so there are no third party payment portals. Payouts are automatically carried out on a daily basis, but have a seven day delay. Another great thing regarding OnlyFans is that if you refer someone to use their app, you will earn 5% of the income that person makes on the app for a lifetime.

            If you are looking to use OnlyFans as a subscriber, then all you need to do is just add your credit or debit card to your account and choose the ‘subscribe’ option on the profile you plan to follow. After you pay the monthly fee for the profile you are subscribed to, you can freely view their content without any interruptions. Payments are done on monthly basis and are recurring up until you choose to unsubscribe. Regarding credit card details, OnlyFans claims that nobody can see your personal details on your account, so everything is safe and kept private.

Difference between OnlyFans and Other Social Apps

            The main difference between OnlyFans and other similar apps like Snapchat or Instagram is that OnlyFans allows posting explicit images, videos and other adult content. There are no restrictions whatsoever and you cannot be banned for the things you upload on the app. Those people that are in favor of OnlyFans state that this is the best app for posting amateur porn photos and videos. It is as real as it can get and people are not afraid they will lose subscribers or get banned for something they post. Overall it is a quality app with some great options. …