Why Do Older Women Love Younger Musicians?

Aside from teens, older women go crazy when younger musicians perform on a big stage. So, you’re probably wondering why is it so. 

Here are a few reasons why older women fall in love with younger musicians:

Kids at Heart 

It’s true they write serious songs. But that doesn’t mean they will behave like grown-ups every day. Younger musicians engage in sports, play their favorite video games, and listen to types of music to relax. They joke around with guys. Plus, there’s no dull or boring moment. 

They are Focused 

Generally, younger musicians are very focused. This is particularly true when making their music. Concentration runs in their genes. Aside from music, they can apply this unique quality in a relationship, even with an older woman. They said that men fall thru their eyes. On the other hand, women fall in love thru their ears. Younger musicians are an exception. They are more likely to process both visual and auditory cues. 

They Serenade 

While some musicians can easily express their thoughts when sad, others can compose tunes when they are in love. That’s why falling madly in love with a younger musician is not hard. Imagine a musician serenade you. Well, it’s extremely romantic, right? 

They are Hot 

Have you ever watched live concerts online? What did you notice? Do girls go crazy when a band strums guitar? Do they shout louder when musicians only sing the first word of their songs? If yes, it’s normal. Older women find musicians hot and sexy. They are indeed an expert in the art of seduction. Plus, they know how to make ladies faint easily. 

A Good Level of Confidence 

Research shows that ladies search for a man who is confident about himself. In the music industry, artists have a quality of certainty. Since they have experienced performing with others and exposing their feelings to the crowd, it’s no wonder why they catch women’s attention and interests easily. 

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