How to Create a Premium Snapchat for Nude Art

A lot of people join Snapchat every day. It is a very attractive social app through which not only you can connect with others, but also make some money. According to Porn Inquirer, One of the reasons why number of Snapchat users is rapidly growing in the recent years is because of the Premium Snapchat. Premium Snapchat is not a separate app from Snapchat, but it is an option within the application through which you can sell nude art and earn money from it. It sounds very easy in theory, but earning money online requires plenty of hard work and strong commitment.

Creating Premium Snapchat

            In order to use a Premium Snapchat all you need to do is create a regular Snapchat account. Opening an account is easy, you just need to be over 18, choose your username and password and that`s it. Premium Snapchat is subscription-based option through which you can sell your nude art in exchange for a fee that is set by you. You are free to choose how much will you charge for your nude art, but common sense is to charge an affordable fee in order to attract more subscribers. After you slowly build your base of subscribers you can start making better nude art and charge more for what you offer.

Building a Base of Subscribers to Sell Nude Art

            Building strong followership requires time and patience. That does not come overnight, which is why many new Premium Snapchat users quickly withdraw. Selling nude art online does not guarantee making huge amounts of money in short period of time. In fact, making money is very hard to do online and rare are those who make significant amounts. However, you can earn for a decent living if you are committed and persistent in providing quality nude art to the public.

            There are a few good things you can do to increase the number of subscribers to your account. A good idea is to use your other social network accounts to promote yourself. Put a link in each of them that will lead towards your Snapchat account. Give your potential subscribers a glimpse of what they can expect to get if they subscribe to your premium account. Also use blogs, websites and online forums as marketing tools, where you will promote your Premium Snapchat nude art. As mentioned, it may go slowly, but the number of subscribers will grow steadily.

            After you have gained a few subscribers, make sure you keep them coming for more content. Try to make and sell the best nude art possible, because your subscribers will quickly spread word of mouth and that will help you gain more subscribers. With increased income you can then invest in better smartphone and better camera, which will help you make even better nude art. Creating a premium Snapchat to sell nude art is not hard. Attracting subscribers is the harder and more challenging thing, but you can definitely do it if you are persistent.