What is OnlyFans and Why Artists Should Use It

OnlyFans is an increasingly popular membership-based social platform. It is an app where fans pay to see adult stars perform for a certain fee, while those that provide content can do so by selling monthly membership packages to their followers. Any person is free to sign up to OnlyFans app, and there is no restriction to what type of content you can post. It is not exclusive to adult entertainment workers, pornstars and webcam girls, although those are most commonly found on the app. There are also fair share of fitness trainers, dieticians, personal coaches, vloggers and others. You are free to produce any type of personal content and can even upload tutorials, step-by-step tips, selfies, and just about anything that comes up your mind.

Earning and Subscribing at OnlyFans.com

            You can choose whether you use OnlyFans as earner or subscriber. In order to earn money at the app you need to add bank account to the app and then start uploading your content. You are free to choose how much you will charge the subscribers. The lowest amount you can charge is $5 dollars per month and there is no upper limit. A thing you should know is that OnlyFans will charge 20% of any amount you charge your subscribers as a fee that covers hosting, payment processing, and other costs which are necessary for the site to operate properly. Good thing about payment processing is that this system is built-in within the app, so there are no third party payment portals. Payouts are automatically carried out on a daily basis, but have a seven day delay. Another great thing regarding OnlyFans is that if you refer someone to use their app, you will earn 5% of the income that person makes on the app for a lifetime.

            If you are looking to use OnlyFans as a subscriber, then all you need to do is just add your credit or debit card to your account and choose the ‘subscribe’ option on the profile you plan to follow. After you pay the monthly fee for the profile you are subscribed to, you can freely view their content without any interruptions. Payments are done on monthly basis and are recurring up until you choose to unsubscribe. Regarding credit card details, OnlyFans claims that nobody can see your personal details on your account, so everything is safe and kept private.

Difference between OnlyFans and Other Social Apps

            The main difference between OnlyFans and other similar apps like Snapchat or Instagram is that OnlyFans allows posting explicit images, videos and other adult content. There are no restrictions whatsoever and you cannot be banned for the things you upload on the app. Those people that are in favor of OnlyFans state that this is the best app for posting amateur porn photos and videos. It is as real as it can get and people are not afraid they will lose subscribers or get banned for something they post. Overall it is a quality app with some great options.